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Rockhampton Certificates

At Biga Training, we provide a range of construction oriented training courses based within the area of Rockhampton. In today’s busy work environment, we understand the struggle of fitting in a training course without having to take time off of work. Employers now more than ever want their employees to have a strong skill set and yet will not provide them with the time to develop their skills. Our training courses within Rockhampton, allow you to develop your skills, without the need to take time off of work. Our courses can be taken both on a face-to-face basis and online, should you not be within the location of Rockhampton.

Face-to-Face Courses

Our face-to-face courses are designed for people who can afford to take the time off of work in order to develop their skills and knowledge. Based within the Rockhampton area, we provide a wide range of specialised courses, from carpentry and bricklaying to tiling and lining. All of which are uniquely designed to provide you with both the understanding and skills to successfully complete a particular job. You will work alongside one of our professionals, learning in a hands-on environment using the best tools and equipment in the industry. Once we believe you have developed your skills, you will be assessed by an assessor who will determine whether or not you have a complete understanding of the course you have taken.

Online Courses

Our online courses are designed for people who want to learn around their current life. Our online courses are designed to be both as flexible and engaging as possible.They can be accessed outside Rockhampton, allowing you to continue and advance your learning, without needed to attend a face to face course. We provide you with all of the online tools that help you to fully understand the precise knowledge required for your particular course. You are able to develop both your understanding and knowledge until you feel that you are ready to achieve your certificate. Upon completion, you will then receive your certificate, confirming that you have completed our course.

Short Courses

At Biga Training, we also offer a range of highly specialised short courses. Our short courses are based within the Rockhampton area and can be taken over a smaller period of time. During this short time period, you can effectively develop a skill within a niche area of construction, which can then be applied within your workplace. Our short courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge that you need and can also be accessed online to update or remind yourself of something that you have learnt.

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