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White Card In Construction


White Card In Construction

A White Card can be used to provide evidence that you or a member of staff has completed a General Construction Course, also known as a White Card Course. The course itself is compulsory for all employees/ employers who work or have plans to work within the construction industry. The White Card course is recognised on a national scale and can be completed online via a range of companies. At Biga Training, we provide you with the course necessary for you to gain your White Card.

Over the past few years, the government has made a number of changes to White Card Legislation, that may affect you directly. Now, state governments have made it more difficult for White Cards to be issued via online courses. They have introduced a number of strict rules that prevent White Cards issues online from being acknowledged.

At this moment in time, only Tasmania and Western Australia allow White Cards to be issued for online courses. It is currently possible to complete an online course even if you are located outside of Tasmania or Western Australia, however, your card will not be accepted in Queensland. It is advised that you attend a local face to face course to get your State White Card. This card is more likely to be recognised on a national level, reducing the chances of employers rejecting your White Card.

How Can I Get A White Card?

At Biga Training, we offer face to face White Card courses within the area of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich. We also offer online courses for Western Australia and Tasmania. You can gain your White Card once you have completed your induction for the construction industry. This can then be shown to your employer to show that you have a legitimate card. Anyone who is wanting to work within certain areas of the construction industry will need a white card certification to ensure that are compliant with relevant state legislation.

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