RPL Certificate

If you want to begin your studies or training, it is important that you consider what skills you have already developed. By doing this, you are able to potentially reduce the time in which it takes for you to gain your new qualification. In some circumstances, you may not need to study at all as you may already possess the skills and knowledge needed for a particular qualification. In such a circumstance, our RPL certificate may benefit you.

Our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) focuses on skills and knowledge that you have already gained throughout your life. This could be in terms of both your personal life and work life. For example, you may have worked on a building site in the past, which could count towards a certificate in bricklaying. If you believe you may have already developed these skills but have no certification for them, then our RPL certificate may be able to help you by allowing you to gain a certification without needing to take a course. This will save you significant time in terms of repeating content, and will also save you the money of buying a whole new course for information that you already understand.


When taking an RPL test, you will be assessed against the industry standards by an RPL assessor. They will ask you to perform a range of jobs as well as explain how much you understand about a particular skill. You may also be asked to provide examples of prior work that you have completed, so that your assessor can analyse whether or not your work meets the industry standard. During this process, you may receive a visit to your workplace to demonstrate your skills. You may also have to provide prior job descriptions or references from former employers.

Credit Transfers

While you may not have the precise skill set for a new qualification, you may have particular skills that can contribute. If you believe that you have former credits that can be transferred to your new course. While this cannot be done for an entire course, particular credits can be given if you can provide you already have the knowledge. In order to do this, you must have certified copies of your certificates, awards and qualifications.

Trade Skills

If you believe that you have the particular skills in a trade area, yet don’t have the certificate to prove it, it is possible that you may qualify for a trade recognition. If you have the following you may qualify: