Face to Face Courses

Our face to face courses provide you with an in-depth learning experience, that helps you understand both the practical skills, as well as the understanding behind these skills. We focus on two main aspects on our courses; intellectual skills and practical skills. Both will be taught using our specialised on-site staff, who will work directly with you and your team to develop these skills. We pride ourselves in being able to not only teach you the skills themselves, but have the knowledge and understanding of why you do things in certain ways.

Once you believe you are ready, we can help to assess your skills, providing you with a range of tests to ensure that your knowledge is as concrete as possible. Here is how our online courses work.

Practical Training

During all of your practical training, you will work alongside one of our professionals. You will work on a range of sites both commercial and industrial, allowing you to gain a myriad of experience in various different workplace scenarios. At first, we will focus on demonstrating a particular skill so that you understand how it is performed. We will then begin to teach you how to perform certain tasks, working hard to ensure that you have a complete understanding. Throughout this process, our team will be on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have. We will work with you until you have gained a significant understanding of a particular task, in which we will ask you to perform that task on an individual basis. This will be a test of the skills that you have developed, making sure that you have a complete understanding.

Intellectual Training

All of our intellectual training is designed to make sure that you understand a range of keywords on a particular course. We will work with you to ensure that you develop understanding alongside your skills. We believe that this helps you to become a well-rounded craftsman, in which you can explain to clients why you are completing a particular task, as well as explaining to them what issues that they may have if any do arise.

Benefits of our Face to Face Courses

We believe that there are many benefits to our face to face courses. No matter the course you take, they are highly specialised and allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of a particular skill set. Here are the two main benefits of our face to face courses.

On-Site Help

One of the main benefits of face to face learning, is that we can answer any questions or queries that you may have in person. We can do this whenever you have any questions, allowing you to quickly grasp a complete understanding of any topic.

Expert Advice

Another key benefit of face to face courses is the expertise that comes with them. All of our courses come with an expert in their particular field, who can provide you with specialised tips and tricks that can’t be gained anywhere else.