Certificate IV In Building & Construction


Our Certificate IV In Building & Construction covers a range of skills and knowledge required by professional builders working in low-rise residential sectors within the building industry. It can also be used to support your application for a Builders Licence or Builder’s Registration. On this course, we will focus on the key skills needed to run your very own construction business. Unlike many other courses, you won’t be focusing on a particular skill, but will be learning how to manage your own skilled team to produce results. You will develop a broad understanding of the industry as a whole, which will allow you to manage sites, choose contractors and ensure that the project you are working on is successful.

With the Australian construction industry being in the top three largest in the country, there has never been a better time to get your certificate. Managing a successful team of builders will allow you to build a highly profitable business, as well as help you to develop your reputation as a good manager.

Course Details

Our course is designed for experienced trade/building personnel working towards a builders licence, or looking to gain additional skills regarding construction projects, in particular, those in low rise buildings. In general, this will take you around 6 to 12 months to complete, depending on the amount of time you have to dedicate to it. You will be required to take time out of your day to learn through research projects as well as assessments that will be provided to you online and in person. Alongside this, you will also be required to commit around 26-28 days of face to face coaching with our staff to develop your skill set. Here are some of the skills you will develop:

Team Management

You will learn how to take control of construction sites in order to complete the construction of a building. You will learn how to manage a team, understanding how to make the best use of their unique skill sets to finish the project within the given deadline, while still producing a high-quality building.

Selecting Teams

You will learn how to select the best contractors for each individual job. Our highly skilled professionals will help you to understand which contractors are best for each job, as well as how you can develop professional working relationships with them for future work.

Project Management

We will teach you how to best evaluate the project you are working on, ensuring that you meet the standards provided at the start of the work. You will also learn how to make changes to particular projects should they be needed at any time.


Should you have any questions or queries regarding our building and construction course, please feel free to contact us directly. Our friendly team will be on hand to provide you with any answers that you may need.