Certificate III In Wall and Ceiling Lining


In recent years, the construction industry has grown at a rate faster than ever. There has never been a better time to start your career as a plasterer, with a prediction of over 25,000 plasterers expected over the next five years. 

Our course can help you begin this career with a unique construction specialisation, making you invaluable to employees and clients alike. We will work with you to develop a range of unique skills, all of which can be specially tailored to the needs of your employer and your client. This allows you to produce a fantastic job, no matter the type of job at hand.

Course Details

While a part of our Wall and Ceiling Lining course, you will work alongside industry professionals to learn a range of skills and also develop your knowledge of the construction industry. You will work in a hands-on environment, in which your skills will be developed from first-hand experience. Our team will teach you how to use a range of specialist tools and equipment, each of which will help you to provide an excellent service and improve your skills further. Here are some of the skills that you will learn.

Installing and Finishing Plasterboard

You will learn how to install and finish plasterboard and fibre cement sheeting in order to line walls and ceilings. You will learn how you create a smooth finish that leaves walls looking fantastic and ready for any work that needs to be done on them.

Interpret Client Plans

Learning how to understand client plans is crucial when lining walls and ceilings. You must learn how to understand the demands of the client, even when they do not fully understand what they want. By doing this, you can line their walls in the way they want., based around their plans. This allows for high levels of consumer satisfaction, while also developing and refining your own skills.

Using Equipment

We will teach you how to use particular equipment for particular jobs, ensuring that you completely understand everything you will need in order to meet your client's needs. We will make sure that you are able to react to various situations, using niche equipment for many jobs.


Should you have any questions or queries regarding our wall and ceiling lining course, please feel free to contact us directly. Our friendly team will be on hand to provide you with any answers that you may need.