Certificate III In Painting and Decorating


A career in painting and decorating is an exciting one that can lead you down a variety of paths. Through our course, you will develop the knowledge and skills to begin your certified trade career as a painter and decorator.

We will help you to develop the skills required to work with a range of painting and decorating materials that will allow you to provide your customers with the designs that they are looking for. In addition to this, we will teach you how you to work with services, interpret client plans and apply health and safety requirements within the workplace.

Course Details

On our painting and decorating course, you will work alongside industry professionals, learning via hands on experience to develop the skills and knowledge that you need to become an expert in your field. You will develop a range of skills that will allow you to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. These include:


Painting and Decorating

You will learn how to effectively paint and decorate a range of rooms and buildings to best meet the demands of your client. You will learn how to paint in a range of styles in order to create intricate patterns and designs. At the same time, you will learn how to effectively decorate rooms. This will involve wallpaper, flooring and understanding how to work with the furniture within a room.


Prepare and Protect Surfaces

This is a crucial skill when it comes to painting and decorating. You must understand how to effectively protect the surfaces within a room while you are decorating in order to provide your clients with an all round fantastic job.


Colour Match

Matching the correct colours within a room is a key aspect of design. You must learn what colours blend with one and other to design a room that works. If this is done incorrectly, the overall coordination of the room could suffer, which could take away from the overall design.


Interpret Client Plans

Learning how to understand client plans is crucial within the decorating industry. You must learn how to understand the demands of the client, even when they do not fully understand what they want. By doing this, you can provide them with an expert design, based around their plans.


Once you have completed our course, you will be a fully qualified painter and decorator. With this, you can choose to work alongside a larger business, helping them with a range of different projects. Additionally, you can also set up your own business, building up your own client base and building a reputation for yourself.

Should you have any questions or queries regarding our painting and decorating course, please feel free to contact us directly. Our friendly team will be on hand to provide you with the answers that you may need.