Certificate III In Bricklaying/Blocklaying


Our Certificate III In Bricklaying is a course focused on practicality. We will teach you a range of practical skills that are designed to help push your career further, increasing your value as an employee. During our course, you will develop a range of essential skills, as well as the knowledge to support these skills.

As of currently, the construction industry is the third largest in all of Australia. It is predicted that in the future, over 50,000 job openings will be expected, making this industry a very important one for the future, with many potential new jobs being created on a regular basis.

Course Details

On our bricklaying course, we will teach you a number of niche skills that can be used within the workplace to provide significant value to your team. These skills include:

  • Levelling- The ability to produce flat surfaces and foundations
  • Laying Blocks/Bricks- Successfully laying bricks to build stable foundations
  • Demolition- Understanding general demolition, including the risks that come with it and how it is best used on a building site
  • Veneer construction- Constructing strong and stable walls with the use of veneer
  • Structural Masonry- Developing the skills to build structures from individual units, allowing you to create beautiful looking buildings
  • Arch Design and Construction- Understanding how to design an arch, as well as the materials best used for its construction
  • Fireplace Construction- Learn how to create intricate and unique fireplace designs, that keep their users safe and satisfied.

All of your training will be completed alongside a highly qualified and experienced professional. They will work alongside you, providing examples of how you can best complete tasks, while at the same time teaching you using a hands-on approach. You will work on a range of different sites, from industrial sites, to commercial and residential builds. Each site will provide you with a new perspective, that will better your understanding and ability to work in various scenarios.


Once you have completed your course, you will become a fully qualified bricklayer/blocklayer. You will be able to work on a range of projects for various employees, further developing your skills and experience.

Should you have any questions or queries regarding our bricklaying course, please feel free to contact us directly. Our friendly team will be on hand to provide you with the answers that you may need.