All of our courses are specially designed to provide you with both the understanding and experience that you need to provide a service both safely and efficiently. We can provide you with our courses on a face-to-face basis or provide you with an online training course depending on your personal preferences and individual circumstances at the time in which you wish to take our course. We provide all of our clients with a range of courses, that allows them to specialise in various skill sets, as well as provide them with a broad understanding of the construction industry as a whole.


Certificate III In Carpentry

Our certificate in carpentry is designed to provide you with a strong foundation of carpentry. Carpentry is a unique skill that many people do completely understanding. Our course will teach you the ins and outs of carpentry, teaching you the skills that you will need to complete any carpentry job that you may have. We will teach you a range of skills that can be specially tailored to a range of circumstances, allowing you to provide a fantastic service to your clients.

Certificate III In Bricklaying

Our certificate in bricklaying is designed to teach you the skills you will need for a range of bricklaying job. We ensure to provide you with a strong understanding of bricklaying, which can then allow you to tailor your services to meet the demands of your customers. We make sure that not only do you develop the skills of bricklaying, but the understanding of why you must perform tasks in a certain way, as well as the overall impact that such tasks have.

Painting and Decorating

Certificate III In Painting and Decorating

Our certificate in painting in decorating focuses on teaching you a range of skills that can be applied in a range of painting and decorating scenarios. While painting and decorating itself covers a broad spectrum of jobs, we provide you with niche skills that can make your services stand out from others within the industry.

Certificate III In Wall And Floor Tiling

Our certificate in wall and floor tiling is designed to provide you with niche skills that will allow you to effectively tile walls and floors. We will train you to use intricate skills to create only the best tiling patterns, as well as provide you with knowledge on how to design the best patterns for your customers.

Wall And Floor Tiling
Wall And Ceiling Lining

Certificate III In Wall And Ceiling Lining

Our certificate in wall and ceiling lining will teach you the skills that you need to efficiently line both walls and ceilings. It is crucial that this is done successfully, otherwise the entire foundation of the wall could be damaged.

Certificate IV In Building & Construction

Our certificate in building and construction is designed to bring your skills and understanding to another level, allowing you to better manage building teams and understand how to effectively finish jobs for your clients.

Building & Construction