Wall and ceiling lining courses are offered in both the Peel and Rockingham campuses. Because of this, both courses are now running in the newly renovated Building Technology Training Centre at the Challenger Rockingham Campus, Training and workforce development director Ruth Shean explained.

This is where all of the courses are housed in one building, which makes the courses a lot easier for staff to attend. It also means that they are more organised and more likely to attend a course that is scheduled in their working day. This is especially helpful for staff who might not be able to attend classes every week but are used to learning on their own time.

The training centre has two main buildings that house all of the courses, which can be accessed from the main building or the new Career Building at the Challenger Rockingham Campus. Both buildings are spacious and are equipped with plenty of room for people to move about and learn.


Walls and ceilings can often be difficult to install and fit if you have little experience in this area. If you are unsure about how to fit the wall and ceiling liner into your building, then contact the training centre directly. They will be able to advise you on the best way forward and give you a professional opinion on which way to install it to ensure you get the best results. There are many courses available, so you should always feel confident that you are doing the right thing.

If you do decide that you would like to continue to use the courses, then you must continue to take up a new course every four months. This helps the courses to stay fresh and relevant. Each course is designed for staff from different levels of experience, so even those who are experienced can benefit from the training provided. These courses help train staff to stay up to date with industry standards, which is essential if they are to keep up to date with what is happening in the industry as the industry changes.

A course in wall and ceiling liner is offered in both the Peel and Rockingham campuses. However, these courses are only available to current and former employees at these two Peel campuses. If you work in the Rockingham campus and wish to continue to use the courses, then you will need to enrol at your local university to get a new course.

Ceiling Lining courses


The walls and ceiling liner course are divided into three modules, which include the foundations of the wall and ceilings, design and installation, and finishing details. You will learn to install a concrete or vinyl wall and ceiling liner, install the walls and ceiling liners with a mortar and then finish up with a hands-on technique to paint and seal the wall and ceilings.

The walls and ceiling liner course are divided into four modules, as well as a book to help you gain knowledge. This book will teach you the basics of using the equipment required and will contain sections on tools, techniques and safety procedures, and a variety of designs to choose from. As well as the book, there are several DVDs available on each module.

As well as the book, you also have access to the wall and ceiling liner course on the Peel site, which includes the foundation of wall and ceilings modules as well as installation and finishing techniques. The wall and ceiling liner course is held at the same time as the core modules, which can be taken individually or combined to meet the full course length. Once the courses are complete, you will be presented with an assessment report which will provide you with a grade.

Before you start any course, you will be asked to complete some research so you can familiarise yourself with the materials covered, and the concepts discussed in the course. The book will also help you learn the various types of material required for each module.

Once you have completed the walls and ceilings module, you can continue with the other modules. There is a comprehensive book covering the installation and finishing techniques.

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