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Certificate III in Painting and Decorating CPC30611

This certificate will provide you with training in all practical and theoretical areas of the painting and decorating trade.


Painters and decorators:

  • Assess various worksites, repair surfaces and prepare materials
  • Apply products such as paint and wallpaper to surfaces with great care and attention to detail
  • Use tools and appliances safely
  • Identify hazardous materials
  • Select and prepare paints to match colours by the addition of tinters
  • Use business skills to calculate the quantity of materials and labour required, and to apply cost estimates for projects


The number of years expected to complete this apprenticeship is between three and four years.


Painters and decorators are usually employed by painting and decorating contracting firms or are self-employed contractors. Some work for government agencies conducting painting associated with public works, housing and railways. Advancement to supervisory positions, technical training or sales work is possible.

Opportunities for painters depend mainly on the level of building and renovation activity.

Painters and decorators may concentrate on a specific area of work, such as the internal or external painting of domestic homes, commercial buildings or industrial structures and equipment.

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The current Certificate III qualification for Painting and Decorating requires students to successfully complete 27 units of competency to achieve the credential. Of these 27 units, 23 are compulsory and a further four  elective units.

Full list of units:

CPCCCM1012A Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry

CPCCCM1013A Plan and organise work

CPCCCM1014A Conduct workplace communication

CPCCCM1015A Carry out measurements and calculations

CPCCCM2010B Work safely at heights

CPCCCM2001A Read and interpret plans and specifications

CPCCCM2003B Calculate and cost construction work

CPCCCM2008B Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding

CPCCCM3001C Operate elevated work platforms

CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry

CPCCPB3026B Erect and maintain trestle and plank systems

CPCCPD2011A Handle painting and decorating materials

CPCCPD2012A Use painting and decorating tools and equipment

CPCCPD2013A Remove and replace doors and door and window components

CPCCPD3021A Prepare surfaces for painting

CPCCPD3022A Apply paint by brush and roller

CPCCPD3023A Apply texture coat paint finishes by brush, roller and spray

CPCCPD3024A Apply paint by spray

CPCCPD3025A Match specified paint colour

CPCCPD3026A Apply stains and clear timber finishes

CPCCPD3027A Apply wallpaper

CPCCPD3028A Apply decorative paint finishes

CPCCPD3031A Apply lead paint and asbestos management

Full list of elective units:

CPCCPD3029A Remove graffiti and apply protective coatings

CPCCPD3030A Apply protective paint coating systems

CPCCPD3032A Apply advanced wallpaper techniques

CPCCSP3003A Apply trowelled texture coat finishes


Fees for these units vary. Students are also expected to cover the cost of clothing, equipment, safety glasses, tools and other materials.


This trade is linked to the Queensland skills shortage, and additional funding benefits may apply for employers.

Apprentices must be employed and have a signed Registered Training Contract to undertake apprenticeship training. BIGA will help you with the paperwork.

Do you have six or more years experience in this trade? Click here for information on RPL.

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