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Certificate III in Bricklaying / Blocklaying CPC30111

This certificate will provide you with training in all practical and theoretical areas of the bricklaying and blocklaying trade. Watch video:



  • Calculate materials required by interpreting drawings and blueprints
  • Build structures, measure surfaces and use various tools and materials
  • Sealing foundations with damp-resistant materials
  • Spreading layers of mortar to serve as a base and binder for bricks in rows, designs or shapes; and spreading mortar between joints
  • Repairing and maintaining clay bricks, cement blocks / bricks and related structures


The number of years expected to complete this apprenticeship is between three and four years.


You can become a bricklayer or blocklayer in the construction industry. This is a structural trade which provides a great understanding of building. Many bricklayers continue on to get their builders licence and run their own successful companies.


The current Certificate III qualification for Bricklaying / Blocklaying requires students to successfully complete 27 units of competency to achieve the credential. Of these 27 units, 21 are compulsory and a further 6 elective units.

Full list of units:

CPCCBL2001A Handle and prepare bricklaying and blocklaying materials

CPCCBL2002A Use bricklaying and blocklaying tools and equipment

CPCCBL3002A Carry out masonry veneer construction

CPCCBL3003A Carry out cavity brick construction

CPCCBL3004A Construct masonry steps and stairs

CPCCBL3005A Lay masonry walls and corners

CPCCBL3006A Lay multi-thickness walls and piers

CPCCBL3009A Install flashings and damp proof course

CPCCBL3010A Construct masonry arches

CPCCBL3011A Construct curved walls

CPCCBL3014A Install fire-rated masonry construction

CPCCCA3002A Carry out setting out

CPCCCM1012A Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry

CPCCCM1013A Plan and organise work

CPCCCM1014A Conduct workplace communication

CPCCCM1015A Carry out measurements and calculations

CPCCCM2001A Read and interpret plans and specifications

CPCCCM2006B Apply basic levelling procedures

CPCCCM2008B Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding

CPCCCM2009A Carry out basic demolition

CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry

Full list of elective units:

CPCCBL3008A Install aerated autoclaved concrete products

CPCCBL3012A Construct fireplaces and chimneys

CPCCBL3013A Construct masonry structural systems

CPCCBL3015A Construct decorative brickwork

CPCCCM2007B Use explosive power tools

CPCCCO2013A Carry out concreting to simple forms


Fees for these units vary. Students are also expected to cover the cost of clothing, equipment, safety glasses, tools and other materials.


This trade is linked to the Queensland skills shortage, and additional funding benefits may apply for employers.

Apprentices must be employed and have a signed Registered Training Contract to undertake apprenticeship training. BIGA will help you with the paperwork.

Do you have six or more years experience in this trade? Click here for information on RPL.

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